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State of the Meg update

Because I haven't been posting lately, just a few quick lines to let folks know I aten't dead (although I am re-reading Discworld) and what's vaguely happening over here.

First up, we're trying to sell the house again. The bank insists on it, because they're wanting their money back, thanks. This means we have the standard aaargh of "home open" inspections, and people coming through at various times, which necessitates us pretty much removing any trace of individuality from the place, along with all small electronic equipment. This, for me, includes disconnecting the lapdog from the monitor, packing it and its power source (and the USB hub and the good mouse) into my backpack, and re-tidying the various cords remaining to make it look as though the PC box I have sitting on my desk actually does something. Over the months of trying to sell this place, I've gotten pretty good at this, but it's still annoying and I'll tend to put off things like re-connecting stuff if I'm feeling cranky.

Which (Second item) I have been, lately. According to my doctor, my last round of blood tests showed everything to be fine except my cholesterol level - apparently my LDL level ("bad" cholesterol) has gone up since my last test, so I have to work to reduce that. Which would be fine if I just knew how - so I have to be doing some research to find out how to lower LDL levels, and probably change a few things about my diet. Both of which I'm cranky about, along with just about everything else in the known universe.

Anyways, between the two of those, I haven't been doing much other than playing games. I've picked up Crisis Core again on the PSP (because that's portable and I can take it with me when I leave the house) and on the PS2 I'm playing my way through FFX2 (which is clearly the Final Fantasy Game Designed By Marketing To Attract Girls). So far in CC I have Zack up to level 50, and I'm putting off visiting Nibelheim for as long as possible (I'd like to finish a few more missions if I could, really bump up the level - I want to find out what happens if I'm strong enough to beat up Sephiroth in the reactor fight scenes. It'd be cool if that broke the game!). I've so far re-started FFX2 about three times, and I'm now working my way through it to try and figure out how to complete all the side quests (if only because it's more fun that way). Oh, and collect all the Al Behd primers, because while I currently have about eight letters of the language, I really need at least one more vowel to make sense of things.

Both the PSP and the PS2 are getting a lot more attention than the PC at present mainly because with both of them, I can take 'em into the warmest room in the house (the PS2 lives there, so it's even easier) instead of sitting in my little office and freezing. While it may well be Midsummer on WoW and in the northern hemisphere, down under it's winter, and for the past few days it's been blowing a gale, with patches of horizontal rainfall. Best time of the year to be curled up on the lounge with the PS2 controller, a blankie over my knees, and a nice hot cup of tea.

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