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Before I take on the known universe...

Well, let's see. First up, I have an appointment with a trick cyclist (psychiatrist) on the 30th of this month - which is wonderful since I was expecting to have to wait until about November. Secondly, I have a medical certificate for Centrelink until the 14th of July, which means I get to have a bit of time to deal with things there too. I've also been on a slightly higher dose of Zoloft, which has resulted in me being as tired as all get-out lately and spending a few days seeing the world through a dose of cotton wool. So I've skipped my meds for the past couple of days and I'm now feeling vaguely human again. I'm also back on a vaguely normal circadian, rather than heading off into the wonderful land of nocturnal living.

Tomorrow Himself is going to take a few minutes out and arrange for us to put the house on the market again. We're looking at hopefully being able to get as much money as we paid for the place three years ago, thus merely putting us in hock to the bank for the interest. Hooray.

Oh, and we do appear to be having a winter this year in Perth. It's been raining on and off all day today, and I've responded to the whole business by beginning a pot of soup. I've had a few lamb shanks and some mutton chops simmering for a few hours, and the whole mess is now cooling to the point where I'll be able to skim off the fat tomorrow morning. Then it's just chopping up the meat from the bones, chopping up some veges and dropping in a few handfuls of pearl barley, and we have lambshank broth to eat and put in the freezer. I may also get carried away and look up details of various creamy soups, just to see whether I can figure out how to make cream of celery soup from scratch (I bought an entire celery, and I'd rather turn it all into soup than have most of it go to waste in the crisper). If I can't figure that out, I'll try Minestrone (to use up some of the dried beans as well as the rest of the veges) and Mulligatawny (to use up one rather ancient whole chook and a whole heap of red lentils) after getting some more veg from the supermarket. I'll also pick up some more gravy beef, and some beef bones to make up stock with, and see about making up some of my favourite beef, barley and vegetable soup. Yes, I do happen to like soups which can just about hold a wooden spoon upright, however did you guess?

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