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Meg Situation Update - 25 MAY 2009

Okay, things are... interesting at the moment.

First up, until the end of May, I'm not likely to be posting too much, because our internet connection has been throttled between the hours of noon and 2am - as in, cut back to dial-up speed. The reason for this is very simple: Himself has been bored. Bored enough to be watching entire seasons (as in every single one of them) of both Daria and Kim Possible on YouTube. He then acted surprised when I pointed out the amount of bandwidth such things would swallow, and when I pointed out I hadn't really been going overboard on WoW at all in the past three weeks. So, we're on trickle internet until the end of the month unless I get up early enough in the morning to beat the rush.

Second on my list: we're putting the house on the market. Again. Maybe this time it will sell (although I have to confess I hope not - I like this place, and the main option Himself is considering for the aftermath is moving in with Himself's parents). We had a nice man from the real estate people visiting today and taking snaps of the place (I managed to persuade Himself that while putting things away is all very well, if he packed anything he would be In Serious Trouble) and promising to call us back tomorrow. Yay.

Thirdly, I visited my GP today. Part of it was about the annual service (ie blood pressure, check everything is still functioning, make sure I'm not dead, rotate the tyres, etc and so on), which means tomorrow I get to go in again and visit the friendly vampires at the pathology collection station in the same building. Another part was about getting a repeat on one of my psych meds (this whole business of being on two different strengths of the stuff is irritating). The next part was getting an official Centrelink medical certificate regarding the depression, as accepted by our very persnickety agency of the Department of Human Services - I can't just send in a standard med cert, since they don't go into the appropriate level of detail, and Centrelink won't accept them. I'll be dropping that in at Centrelink tomorrow as well, plus calling in to speak with my Job Network folks. I also have the names of a half-dozen psychiatrists, and I have to find one who will firstly have an opening some time before November (no, I'm not exaggerating... or if I am, it probably isn't by much - I know the specialists in this town, and most of them do tend to be booked about six months in advance), and will secondly accept a Health Care Card as a legitimate reason to reduce the size of their bill (preferably by bulk billing).

The good news from the GP is my blood pressure is still at the low end of normal. I blame this on my mother's side of the family, who have genetically low blood pressure, to the point where Mum faints if she tries to hang out washing on the wrong days. In order for stress to register on my veins, I have to apparently be under enough of it to kill an elephant outright. Yay again.

Finally, tomorrow we're having dinner with Himself's parents. It's one of their regular "hello, how are you, haven't seen you in about a month, are you both still alive?" things (they live about five minutes walk away - gods know why they don't bother just dropping in to say hi). So we'll get to hear a lot about their friends and Himself's two brothers. Oh, and their grandchild. They've only told us the stories about their last visit to Canbrrra to see the kid about twice, so we're due a few repeats.

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