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First steps toward getting my depression officially recognised

Okay, after spending most of the past week feeling like something the cat threw up then dragged in, I've taken the first steps toward getting my mental illness recognised by the Australian system.

I have an appointment booked with my GP for Monday morning, 10.30 am, where I'll be asking firstly for a repeat on one of the medications I'm on, and secondly for a specialist medical certificate explaining what I am and am not capable of with regards to looking for work. With any luck, I'll be able to submit that to the nice people at Centrelink, and get them to at least cut back on the job search requirements for me (if not actually drop them altogether). I've also seen the nice lady at PVS and explained how much job search I haven't been capable of this week (it's getting bad when just reading through Seek is almost more than I can push myself to do) and she's effectively given me next week off.


Meanwhile, Hexy over at Hexpletive has been blogging about the joys of taking psych meds. I'm on two different strengths each of two different medications, one of which needs to be purchased on a monthly basis (so even on the dole, I'm looking at about $10 per month minimum). My biggest problem isn't so much paying for the medications (although that was a problem back before I got the health care card to go with the dole... $37 per prescription per month tends to add up over time) as taking the little bastards - for a variety of reasons, most of which have to do with a combination of the depression and the money-scrimp-and-save impulses I get when I'm low on income, I tend to have at least one day per week when I forget to take my meds. Which isn't good for me either physically or psychologically.

I am so fucked up.

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