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Well, yeah, I really needed that

I'm starting to realise I'd be better off applying for DSP (Disability Support Pension). It may be a reduced rate of income, but it would mean I'd be able to look for the type of work which would suit me, rather than the type of work which would suit Centrelink's statisticians and PVS' (my Job Network Provider) placement rates. I'm realising this because last week was a rather busy one for me, with five days out of seven involving public contact (Monday was visiting PVS, Tuesday was a job interview, Wednesday was PVS again, Friday was PVS and stopping by at the markets to pick up some stuff, and Saturday was the writer's meetup I organise). I then spent the past two days feeling like hammered crap, and today was the third day running. I'm supposed to head in to PVS again today and provide evidence of job search, but the problem is I really haven't felt like doing much more than crawling out of bed and sitting upright. So I look at the job search opportunities before me (shyeah, right) and my brain is currently set to "maximum pessimism", which means I'm looking at them and going "nope, they wouldn't want me in a pink fit" the whole time.

All I really want to do today is crawl right back to bed and hide. Instead, I'm going to have to phone my doctor and make an appointment, then start researching what's required to claim DSP through Centrelink. Then maybe I'll just crawl right back to bed, pull the covers over my head, and hide for a bit.

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