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Power surge? More like spillway overflow!

Lately I've been noticing that when I perspire, I do it very thoroughly. I've just returned from a job interview which required a bit of walking to get to and from (walk to Grant Street station, train to Subiaco station, walk to interview location; reverse to return home). In the course of said walking, I perspired. When I put the shirt I'd changed into for the interview into the washbasket, it was noticeably damp to the touch. The same has been the case when I've had a hot drink, or when I've had a hot curry lately (and by "lately" I mean any time these last few months).

I suspect it's one of the symptoms of the long slow dive into menopause, to be honest. I can remember my mother describing her "hot flushes" and one of the things she mentioned is the amount of perspiration she put out as a result. Either way, it wasn't fun sitting in a little conference room, absolutely conscious of the fact that I could feel the drops of perspiration running down the back of my neck. I have a horrible feeling it made a bad impression on the interviewers, too.

Ah well, I was the first cab off the rank; and either they'll find someone better suited to the job, or they won't. If they do, I tried my best. If they don't... well, I'll cross that particular bridge if and when I get to it.

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