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Life just keeps getting better

(In tones of somewhat desperate calm acceptance)

Last night the car decided to die. It decided to die on my dear darling partner, when he was on his way to a meeting in South Perth. The alternator apparently came to the conclusion life was no longer worth living, and killed itself. It'll be about $200 to replace.

Well, crud.

On the one hand, well, at least I'd done the shopping for the week before the car decided to kill itself. On the other hand, it does mean the issue of how we're going to do next week's shopping has just become problematic. On the third hand, hey, we've now got the perfect incentive to be car-free, and if we want to be insufferable we can pretend we're doing it for reasons of environmental conscience rather than poverty.

Yes, that does mean we can't afford $200 for a new alternator for the car. So the car is currently sitting on the driveway (because putting it into the garage means rolling it down a steep slope, and it's a bit hard to slow it down once it picks up momentum) and being unusable at us. I'm feeling surprisingly calm about the whole business, but then for me this isn't something which is a major insult or similar. I've had the joy of being carless before (let's see - my first car was out of commission for about half a year while I saved up enough money to replace the engine; the second car I purchased was the wreck of my brother's previous car - a straight swap, made when we discovered my eldest niece was on the way; my third car spent one heck of a lot of time in the carport after I moved to Canbrrra because the cost of parking there has to be seen to be believed; since then I've been sharing cars with Himself, and this tended to mean I was the one taking the bus in of a morning) and I've learned to cope quite well with public transport. We're in a reasonably good location - it's possible for us to walk to the nearest shops, although not having the transport does rather put the kibosh on doing a large shop each week; it's also possible for me to walk to the doctor's surgery without too much trouble, so I'm not likely to run out of my medications; and we're certainly within easy walking distance of the train station(s).

But still, to quote Lord Edmund Blackadder: "The path of my life is strewn with cowpats from the devil's own satanic herd."

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