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What I've been up to lately

So, this week I've been getting back into gardening. I figure it's probably a good exercise all round, partly because it gives me a reason to head outdoors at least once a day, and partly because it's a good way of supplementing the family larder now we're on the dole. I've started out by planting a new fruit tree - Tahitian lime - in a nice sunny spot on the eastern wall of the back garden. So far it hasn't curled up its leaves and died, so I'm cautiously hopeful it will survive. I bought a pot of garlic chives, which I've also planted out in the garden, although they're in a much less sunny spot. I also went through my basket-o-gardening-stuff and pulled out all the old seed packets I purchased the last time I was enthused about gardening, and dumped the contents into a jar. This was then shaken over a different patch of the garden. Given all the seeds were well and truly out of date, if anything comes up, more power to it. There was a mixture of capsicums, tomatoes, beans, peas and nasturtiums, and of the batch I'd suspect the nasturtiums to have survived best - they're darn close to unkillable at the best of times. I mulched the lime tree (and the lemon tree on the opposite side of the garden) with a bag of mulching compost I've had sitting in the garage for a few years now. The other new additions got mulched with leaf litter from the neighbours ornamental hybiscus trees (which overhand the eastern side of our garden, dropping leaves, flowers and lots of shade).

This coming week, I'm planning to head out to the nursery again, and pick up some more plants - probably seeds or seedlings - to fill in some more gaps in the garden. I'm not doing too much each week, since I know what I'm like about picking up new hobbies and then dropping them in a heap once I lose enthusiasm (typical bloody Aries, that's me) and I'm trying to stick to things which are pretty much "set and forget", like fruit trees and herbs. But I figure if I can get the garden stocked with a bit of produce, we're a little better off than we used to be.

I also went and spent my Christmas money (or rather, the book vouchers I received from my family for Christmas) yesterday. I'd managed to put them away somewhere safe and only relocated them recently. So I spent a total of $100, mostly on manga (I'm really annoyed that Borders here in Perth appear to have cut their range... I had more luck finding the books I was after for the various series at Dymocks). I now have a couple of new fandoms (well, vaguely fandoms) in Fake! and Gravitation. It appears Madman (the local Australian manga/anime distribution powerhouse) have struck a deal with Tokyopop, since they're selling the first three volumes of various older manga as a bundle (which is how I picked up Fake and Gravitation). Unfortunately for me, it's *only* the first three volumes, and if I want the subsequent ones, I suspect I'm going to be relying on the online distributors (or scanlations).

So, my schedule for this week (in all its complicated glory): apply for four jobs so I can put them on my fortnightly form; hand in the fortnightly form on Thursday; go to the nursery on Monday afternoon and pick up something more for the garden; remember to run the sprinklers on Monday and Thursday nights. Yup. That's about it.

PS: [info]princess_kessie, we got your postcard this week. The mailing date says March 19th, we got it around April 16th/17th. I'm not sure whether this is good or bad for the US mail service.

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