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Okay, so I'm stressed too...


Himself has suggested moving back to Canbrrra to get a job with the government again.

My position on this one is that he's welcome to - but I won't be going with him. I have no ambitions to head back there - I loathed the place, and the last damn thing I want to be doing is to move back to Frostbite Central at the beginning of flippin' winter. Of course, his other option is staying here and moving in with his parents, which is one of the other last things I want to do.

I just wish he could understand what size deal-breakers these are for me. I like living in WA. I prefer it to living on the east coast. I don't *care* what the bloody salary packages are like in the ACT, I still prefer living on the west coast, where there's a bit more warmth in the weather, and where I don't spend ninety percent of the year freezing solid. Ditto I like living in my *own* house, rather than someone else's. This means I'll certainly be happier living on mince, beans and rice in a rental than I would be living on fillet steak and champers with his parents.

From the looks of things, one way or another this relationship is going to be splitting up, because he doesn't seem to understand that for me, my mental health and mental comfort are always going to outweigh the dubious joys of being well off. To be honest, while this house is lovely, and it's in a pretty good location, and I like it a lot, it isn't exactly my dream home, and I'd probably be just as well off a couple of dozen rungs down the ladder in the south-eastern suburbs or similar. Certainly keeping this particular house is not something I'm going to be willing to sacrifice my sanity for.

Time to start picking up the Saturday paper for the real-estate section again, methinks.

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