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Fic: Identity

Title: Identity
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Rating: Australian PG
Summary: "For years I thought it was all a nightmare." - Tifa comes to terms with the Nibelheim incident.

Identity )

Author's Notes:
* This story came out of some thinking I did and posted up on Joudama's IJ. I was trying to figure out why Tifa would be so very difficult to deal with when it came to reality varying from what she had in her head.
* The issues of memory and reality and Tifa's questioning of her own sanity are things I'm bringing in from my own experience. I'm what's described as an extravert - I largely rely on the external world to validate what's going on in my head, so I need to have other people around to act as a reality check for me. I figure Tifa has the same way of thinking (it's a pretty common one). The problems for an extravert start when the external reality tells you you're wrong. Either you start second-guessing yourself all the way along the line, or if you have to function as a decision maker, you wind up telling reality to go jump down a well and start going off the inside of your head. Either way, the existential angst can get nasty.

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