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We do NOT need this import!

Abbott attacks 'two-faced' Rudd on abortion aid

Federal Opposition frontbencher Tony Abbott has accused Prime Minister Kevin Rudd of betraying Christian voters by allowing a ban on overseas aid for abortion services to be overturned.

Foreign Affairs Minister Stephen Smith has decided that Australian aid money can now be used to fund abortion services if terminations are allowed under local laws.

Mr Rudd told Government MPs that he does not personally agree with the decision, but recognises that the majority of his colleagues do not share his view.

Okay, this is one argument Australia does NOT need to import from the US, for several reasons.

1) We're not sharing the US system of government )

2) We currently have a Labor government in power )

3) We don't have the same constitution )

There are, of course, other reasons why this particular decision is a wise one. Reasons which include things like taking into account that a lot of our aid funding goes to nations where they don't have the same level of health care that Australians take for granted - where maternal and neonatal mortality rates are much higher. Where there's no guarantee of social security; where parents aren't paid a "baby bonus"; where contraception isn't available in every supermarket, corner store, and pharmacy; where education might consist of a few years of primary schooling for everyone, or might not be provided at all; where starvation is more of a problem than weight gain. Little things which take into account the difference between the circumstances most Australians live in, and the circumstances most foreign aid recipients live in. However, the chief reason why Kevin Rudd's decision not to interfere with Steven Smith's choices for policy directions within his portfolio is the prime one: it is quite literally not his job to do so.

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