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Promoting various groups

One of the little joys of unemployment is that I have all this Copious Free Time to spend doing things like well, looking for work and such. Mind you, there's only so much work you can look for before the whole process becomes a nuisance, so in the other bits of my CFT, I've started a couple of groups.

The first is a meetup group for people who are writers, artists, musicians, singers, songwriters, poets, or indeed any other form of creation in the Perth area (that's Perth, Western Australia, rather than any of the others). It's called "Friends to the Muses", and the website is over on

The second is a new community (asylum) here on IJ. It's called [info]overthinkers, and it's the home of the Overthinkers Club. The Overthinkers Club is an organisation called into being by [info]stopthatgirl7, as a way of connecting all of those of us who write fanfic but get bogged down in trying to explain various game artifacts (eg: why are there so many kanji visible on signs in Midgar) in ways which make sense as a plot artifact, rather than just saying "because the localisation team couldn't be bothered translating everything". I've been a member for years - I've written long screeds about the political and economic makeup of Middle Earth at the end of Lord of the Rings, and worked out a continuity whereby the universes of "Firefly" and "Blake's 7" could work together, thus allowing a smooth crossover for characters from the one universe to show up in the other. So, if you're another one of these people who tends to focus in on an obscure niggle in the background, and from that creates massive works of fictional history, or political treatises or similar, drop in to [info]overthinkers and meet some kindred spirits.

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