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Living on the dole (which is more a curse than a prayer)

Went shopping today - it's been a while since I last did it, and certainly a while since I last had to restrict my budget. I wanted to get everything on my list for under $200 (the list covered three or four main meals and a couple of sundries), and succeeded in getting just about everything for under $150 (the only thing I missed was the saffron, and that was because the store I was in apparently didn't stock it; oh, and I left off the icecream - more about that later). So the house is stocked again, and I have a few meals scheduled on the radar.

One thing I wasn't expecting was noticing how much things cost these days. Four dollars for a bunch of basil (it's summer here, it's in season) is not a reasonable price according to the rather shocked voice in the back of my head. I was also able to grab a few extras (taking advantage of specials here and there) so the cupboards are in slightly better shape than they were.

Being on a budget means I've had to re-evaluate priorities. For example, icecream was on the list because it's something sweet which can be stored for a long period without needing much worry (bung it in the freezer and its good to go) and the main reason I had it on the list was because I tend to like having something sweet in the house. Sweet food is comfort food for me. However, the prices of everything made me reconsider it. Instead, I got home, put everything away, and made up a batch of biscuits (English usage here - sweet rather than savoury; my US readers would call them cookies, I think).

These ones were a bit of an experiment in ringing the changes on a stock recipe - the recipe itself is a very plain one, making very plain vanilla biscuits. I added a few bits of chopped up glace ginger, and a teaspoon of ground ginger. I've tried one (hot out of the oven) and I think it probably needs a bit more ground ginger - the ginger taste isn't really noticeable. I'll try a bit more in the next batch, and see how things go. I've already tried varying the recipe by adding glace cherries (works quite well, but next time I'll reserve some to top each biscuit), and the next effort on the list is going to be some chopped nuts. Anyway, it's sweet stuff, which can sit in a tin once they've cooled, and they'll be something I can nibble on if I'm feeling the need for sweetness in my life. They're also a fair bit cheaper than the icecream.

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