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I aten't dead

Although at the moment, it would be a slightly more pain-free alternative, I'm sure.

I've signed on for Newstart, and my first fortnightly form is due tomorow. I've already received the form and filled it in, all that remains is to turn up on the correct day, stand in the correct queue, and speak to the correct people, and my bank account should receive its first external deposit since late October. Yay.

However, as a result of the stress of trying to get the claim processed, and the back and forth which resulted, I've had a flareup of a temporo-mandibular joint inflammation. Effectively, it's a physiological reaction to my usual psychological reaction to stress, which is to shut up and be polite, no matter how much I want to bitch. After a while, my jaw becomes sore, and the joint inflames - and all of a sudden, I can't move my jaw out of a rest position (either to open it or close firmer) because it hurts like blazes. This continues for any number of days, until I get the resultant stress out of my system, at which point the inflammation subsides and I get to eat, drink and breathe without pain again. In the meantime, I tend to swallow nurofed to deal with the ow, and pray that the whole thing will be over and done sooner rather than later.

Ranting under the fold )

Ah well, that's that lot off my chest. I'll probably be ranting a lot over the next few days, just to try and clear out the mental detritus and clear a bit of space. Nobody has to read 'em.

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