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The Five Questions Meme

So, my five questions are from [info]stopthatgirl7:

1. If you could go any place in any time period, where and when would it be?
I'd love to have some kind of romantic answer to this, filled with all the various historical eras I'd be interested in seeing, but I'm too aware of the realities of things in various time periods to be able to just handle things as a temporal tourist. So I'll stick with here and now.

2. Your and all of your friends have been plopped down on an island and fitted with collars. You're given a bag with three loaves of bread, three bottles of water, and a weapon/tool. You're told that you have three days in which to kill everyone on the island. If more than one person is left alive, the collars will explode. What is the weapon or tool in your bag?
Probably something like a Leatherman - and I'd start by working with everyone else to remove the collars.

3. How would you react to being told you had to kill or be killed, or die?
I have a weird relationship with death and dying, as a result of far too many years of dealing with constant suicidal impulses (on the level of me trying to figure out what to have on my toast of a morning, and the salesdemon for suicide at the back of my brain telling me "don't forget, you can always kill yourself!" in a chronically perky manner). As a result, I'm okay with the notion of dying, and I tend to see death as the last adventure, and the one adventure nobody can take away from you. So I'd probably not kill someone else just to survive.

Or at least, that's how I think about it now. The survival instinct is a very strong thing (mine possibly moreso than most; see previous statement regarding suicidal impulses... if I'd given in to them, I wouldn't be here now). I might find myself alive and despising myself for it rather than dead and feeling proud of having kept to my own ethical beliefs.

4. You're on a safari. You see a lioness and a lion rabidly devouring some food. What's your first thought?
"Hmm, must be hungry." Very closely followed by a vague curiosity about what kind of animal they're eating.

Of course, any thoughts would be predicated on the circumstances surrounding them - the ones above are based on me being a nice safe distance from the predators in question, and encased in an airconditioned landrover. If I was on foot, or without adequate anti-predator measures, I suspect my thoughts would be more along the lines of "am I downwind, can I get out of here before they notice me, and if all else fails, is there something like a tree I can climb to get away?"

5. You're a reporter! You're at a press conference and the world leader you hate the most is there. Which world leader, past or present, are you going to take this opportunity to throw your shoe at?
John Winston Howard. Former Prime Minister of Australia. I'd pick one of my oldest and stinkiest shoes, too.

If you'd like five questions of your own, leave a comment letting me know.

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Fic: Palace Coup

Title: Palace Coup
Rating: Australian M15+ - R
Warnings: Sociopathy, violence, insanity, personality disorders; very dark, possibly triggering.
Summary: He's not a tame psycho.

Click for Fic )

As always, all feedback is good feedback, and I'd be interested in hearing whether folks felt this one pinged them right or not.

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