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Meggy brane broked.

It's been a weird week. The weather has been hot and muggy, I've been on a rather nocturnal sleep pattern, and then I started having problems sleeping as a result of the heat and humidity. I was woken at about 6pm on Wednesday by a telemarketer trying to sell me hotel accommodation (and I plan to get the next damn telemarketer who calls me thoroughly confused by involving them in a long and detailed conversation about whether squirrels really are the devil's oven mitts as revenge) and didn't get back to sleep again until about 11pm last night (Thursday). I was woken by my alarm at 7am today, and I've been awake just long enough for my brain to realise just how much sleep I've missed out on, and want to do something about it.

Time to get some coffee. I want to see whether I can get back into the swing of "normal" sleeping and waking patterns, rather than the ones I've been on for the last couple of weeks, where I'll sleep most of the day and be awake until about mid-morning. For one thing, it makes it easier to remember to take the medication if I'm not constantly confused about which day I'm up to.

So, a quick status update:

Work status - still not employed.
Games currently completed - 3
Games currently uncompleted - far too many
Highest level character in WoW - Level 33 (Night elf Hunter).
Current game on PS2 - Final Fantasy VII (up to disc 3, yays... and the only person who doesn't have their level 4 limit is Cloud).
Currently writing - well, sorta. Mostly blog comments. Occasionally working on a fairly long FF7 AU piece, although whether it'll actually ever reach a publishable form is beyond my ability to tell.
Housework - bleargh.
Still alive - probably. Ask again when all cylinders are firing.

Back February 13th, 2009 Forward