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Welcome to 2009

As all of us who play Persona 3 know, we now have about twelve months to live (less if some kids in Japan don't do the right blasted thing by the rest of us!).

I don't generally do New Years resolutions, simply because I know what I'm like with regard to making commitments to myself and keeping them - in a word, lousy. So aside from my general resolution not to make any (or in other words, to try to prevent myself from making plans I won't fulfil, thus setting myself up for disappointment) I don't have any resolutions. In the short term, however, I do have plans to try and get myself back onto a diurnal cycle, rather than the nocturnal one my body appears to have decided on - while I have no particular problems with sleeping through the heat of summer, it does make shopping a bit difficult.

Best wishes to all my readers for 2009. May things go as right as possible for as many people as possible.

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