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WoW is eating my free time

I've been having a rather intense attack of playing World of Warcraft lately. It's coincided wtih me starting up a new character (Night Elf Hunter, named Undina, on Nagrand server - if you recognise me, wave) and keeping a closer track of the achievements than I usually do. Plus this char is doing a lot more PvP than most of mine do. At present I have a system where if I'm in the nearest capital city to where I'm adventuring for any reason (dropping things at the bank, getting training, selling off stuff at the auction hall, whatever) I go and speak with the battleground masters for the battlegrounds I'm qualified for.

Cut for wibble about Warsong Gulch )

Oh, and those of you who are conversant with Australian time zones will realise I'm typing this at a quarter to one in the morning. Yup, my days and nights are getting all muddled up again.

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