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Prompts and Playing

I don't tend to participate in writing challenges, mostly because I know perfectly well what my response to a self-imposed deadline is (namely, I sulk, and pout, and put things off, and eventually don't wind up having written anything). However, I have to admit that the No True Pair community has some very interesting little prompts, and I've been having a lot of fun playing around with them on my own time.

So far I've written a whole five of them out (and only one of them has been satisfactory enough to be posted... although I've a couple of others which are getting there, after the next three runs of epicyclical edits), and I definitely have plans for more of them. For the "twelve characters" prompts, I wound up with three teams (well, I had the original twelve, and six on the exchange bench, so then I mixed them up a bit), all from FF7. For the eight characters prompts, I wound up with just the one group (although I think I might work up a second, purely for the fun of it - the first group is pretty much Shinra/SOLDIER, and it might be fun to throw an Avalanche group into my mix).

The total number of different prompts I have sitting there? Eighty-four, of which I'm struggling with ideas for twelve - at least two of these are because I have trouble writing Nesa having sex with male characters without a great deal of provocation, and at least one of the characters involved in one of them is a relative of hers. For the other difficult ones, it's putting the characters in the same place at the same time. But those just make it difficult, not impossible. I may yet work out some further plots and plans...

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