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More updates (mainly wibble).

As some of you may know, I've been seeing a psychologist to try and figure out what precisely is making me tick, and why every so often I stop and go cuckoo instead. This week, we started working on one of my core issues, and I had a bit of a realisation last night, which left me weepy and a bit shook up. Effectively, I had the emotional equivalent of a sink overflowing, and I'm now dealing with the mopping up. According to the shrink, I'm likely to have a few downish days over the next week or so, as the contents of my brain settle in transit.

So, if I seem a bit gloomy, that's why. However, this too will pass.

A big "congratulations" to everyone who voted for Barack Obama. The air of optimism I can feel coming out of the USAlien part of the intarwebs is an amazing thing - it's as though the entire country has been holding its breath for the last eight years (or maybe a more appropriate metaphor is "holding its nose"?) and now everyone's breathing freely again.

Lately I've been playing a lot of World of Warcraft, as a way of filling in the days. My highest character is now level 23 (a couple of days ago, the highest was level 22... given these are two different characters, it's not a bad change). I'm also bracing for impact for the release of the next WoW expansion ("Wrath of the Lich King", due to be released next Thursday at Oh My God in the morning... I won't be racing out to get a copy on the first day) and the sudden avalanche of people onto the servers as a result.

In local news, I've realised going to Subiaco to get the Medicare rebate on my psychology sessions is a no-no until the nice people building a whole heap of new stuff in Claremont have quite finished playing. So in future I'll be heading on down to Fremantle, and collecting the money back from the Medicare office there. Then I'll probably be dropping into the Woolworths next door and spending a certain amount of it on various groceries.

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