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Periodic Updates

Soooo... what have I been doing lately?

Well, there was the temp job - just for two and a bit weeks, which finished up last Friday (the 24th). Last night I went to my first ever "Reclaim the Night" march, which was more fun than I expected. Didn't know a soul there, but if anyone who was there is reading this, I was the fat chick with the long brown hair in a plait, wearing the black V-necked top.

I've also created myself a Facebook page, and I've been finding people I knew over in Canbrrra through that, as well as meeting a few new folks through one thing or another. If you're on Facebook, why not have a dekko? (Disclaimer: I'm not just saying this to try and recruit people to the various Facebook games I'm hooked on... although if you're interested, let me know!).

Oh, and as a celebration of finishing the job, I went to Borders on Monday and bought myself a whole heap of new books (mostly manga, but I got a couple of new Pratchetts as well). I can really recommend Terry Pratchett's new novel, "Nation" - it's not a Discworld book, rather a sort of alternative earth historical, but it's well worth the read. He's got a lot to say about things like colonialism, about how people are people, how people need other people to know that they're still people, what we use gods for, and a lot of other topics.

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