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The more things change...

New US-bought Air Force fighters 'inferior'
Govt should be defending Joint Strike Fighters: Opposition

I'm not saying anything. I'll just leave you with a set of lyrics about one of our earlier attempts to buy ourselves patronage from the US:

Now Sir Robert Menzies was walking down the street
And thinking of our airforce, which was mostly obsolete.
"Our Canberra jet bombers are getting old as hell
I'd better call up Uncle Sam and see what he can sell!"

Oh the F one-double-one, it is a lovely plane
It flies at twice the speed of sound and scatters bombs like rain
Its wings go back and forward, it's the latest thing around
It's a pity that it isn't safe to take it off the ground.

He said to Uncle Sammy, "We want to buy a plane
To save our lovely country from going down the drain.
We want to scare some Asians, so see what you can do."
The answer was, "Well, Bobby, we've got just the plane for you.


Bob said, "We'll take two dozen!"; the plane they had to make
And soon they had one ready, its first flight for to take.
It whistled down the runway with a dreadful roaring sound,
And then broke up in little bits, and fell back on the ground.


They sent them off to Vietnam, the country to defend
To wipe out all the enemy and cause the war to end.
But Ho Chi Minh said, "Comrades, don't waste your precious shells.
These brand new planes the Aussies have will fall down by themselves!"


They won't raise the old-age pension; the cost would be too high.
They'd rather buy an aircraft that's allergic to the sky
But I still can't help thinking, "Oh, wouldn't it be grouse
If they didn't waste our taxes on this flying Opera House?"


After due consideration, I've found a proper use:
They should take one from the hanger and fill it up with juice,
Send it hurtling down the runway on its final one-way ride
With a trembling Prime Minister bound and gagged inside.


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