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So it's been a while

Not much has changed over here. We're still trying to sell the house; the last home open is this Saturday, as far as we know. I'm still visiting a psychologist on a weekly basis (thanks be to the gods it's claimable on Medicare these days), and the weather has been squally and bleah.

About the only thing which is really newsworthy at the mo is that I finished Kingdom Hearts earlier in the week (Monday night), which brings my grand total of completed games to three: Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II, and Dirge of Cerberus. Oh, and I got Himself to retrieve my PS1 save card from his parents' place (since I've been tempted toward picking up FFVII and FFVIII again - both of which need that particular card). Oh, and I got the PS2 version of "Alone in the Dark", although I've found it positively frustrating to try and play. I've also been playing my way through Crisis Core, and I've reached the Nibelheim stage - so from here on it's all downhill, plotwise. Yays.

So yeah, that's about the size of things.

Happy birthday to [info]princess_kessie, and happy Talk Like a Pirate Day.

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