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Today's list of "gotta do dat"s.

Over the past couple of days (say from about Saturday onward) things have been a bit stressful over here in Chez Us. The joys of moving house, I suppose, but on Saturday it was the cleaners and yesterday it was the house's photo shoot, both of which effectively required us to remove just about any trace of individualism from the place. I wound up feeling as though my sacred space was desecrated, my private space was invaded, and I was just expected to smile sweetly about it and nod. Not the nicest feeling. At the moment I'm relatively stable (although only in the sense that the gaping great chasms in my calm have been covered over with a layer of paper and paint) but I figure I need a bit of outside help with all of this. At the moment, it's like I'm bleeding copiously from a walloping great gash, and all I have to fix things are standard size Band-Aids.

So, first on the list is phoning up the doctor's surgery and making an appointment. When I get there, I need to speak to the doctor about getting all my various meds renewed (both the thyroid ones and the psych ones) and about getting a referral to a psychiatrist, psychologist or counsellor of some kind to get the psychological equivalent of stitches and bandaging done.

Next up is sitting down with my mobile and my message bank, and scribbling down the number the nice man from the job service left on my phone yesterday while I was in the middle of a breakdown. Yes, I'm back in the job market. Buyer beware. So I have to phone him, and find out what it was he wanted (and probably arrange an interview with the nice people at the agency he works for where I can fill out all their forms so they can put all the information in their database in the appropriate format, or at least see whether their database is up to date). If he wants to see me in person, he can wait until tomorrow. That'll at least give the glue holding my calm together another day to set.

Then it's back to the standard grind of applying for work. At least it's a lot easier these days, since I can just go to Seek, grab five jobs which seem interesting, send off applications with a copy of my resume, and not have to budge too far from the keyboard. That should take maybe an hour at most. Five job applications a day tends to be sufficient for my needs.

Finally, I have to get in the car, and head down to the shops in Claremont - most specifically, to The Cheesecake Shop. I plan on getting a large Black Forest Torte, because I need something that spells comfort and reassurance in big, friendly letters. Black Forest Torte does that for me.

Once I've done all of those, I'm going to jump back into World of Warcraft, and thump things until I feel at least a bit better.

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