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Sometimes these things shouldn't be resisted...

So, I've been in a rotten mood lately - moving house will do that, and given Himself is busy looking out rental places for us, we're definitely moving. This resulted in me deciding to create a "damnit, I want to kill things" character in WoW. So I did.

He's a male, blood elf paladin (blood elves don't have the Warrior character type, they have paladins instead). The starting sprite was gifted with very pale blond hair (almost white). As per the standard WoW gender bimorphic standards, he's a fairly robust type (broad shoulders, solid musculature, arse you could crack eggs on etc). I named him Prettyboi.

Yes, I have a silver haired Prettyboi whose preferred weapon is a walloping great two-handed sword.

The name has already paid off giggle dividends - there's one mission where you're having to deal with a "stealth" assassination (yeah, right, so a Paladin is going to be stealthy... and if you believe that, there's a bridge in Sydney Harbour which is just crying out for a new owner) and you lure the victim inside a building to kill them by saying you have to show them inside. Having a character saying "Very well. Let's see what you have to show me, Prettyboi" is just too silly for words, right?

Oh, and every race in Azeroth has a few default sayings. The Blood Elves are not exempt from this. The ones which stick with me are "We will have justice" (what, for lunch?) and "Hold your head high" (which immediately triggers a mental loop of the chorus of "Hold Your Head Up").

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