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So, after heaps of waiting, I got a whole heap of new manga yesterday (my order arrived! Yays!). So I promptly stopped playing World of Warcraft (yes, there *is* something which will drag me away from games - it's books) and settled down to read them. So here's some quick comments:

Cut for length and rambling )

I'd love to be ordering some more books, but unfortunately Himself has warned me the house is going to have to be sold, and we're going to have to move. This means I can't really go buying more books (much less the bookshelf to put them all on - and I do need that) until we're safely moved out and into our new location. At present, we're looking at somewhere in the Perth CBD-ish area, which means I'll have much easier access to any number of bookshops. This should probably not be as much of a selling point as it is...

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Please stop me before I cross things over again...

Let's just say that when you attempt to combine Final Fantasy 7 and Monty Python, the results can be detrimental to your sanity.

Things like the "Bruces" as done by all Squeenix's Silver-Haired Pretty Boy villains ("New Villain, whatsyername, Vayne - is it okay if we call you Silver-Haired Pretty Boy, just to keep things straight?")
The "Bruces" as per the Squeenix hero corps ("I don't want to see anybody not angsting")
The Spanish Inquisition as performed by the Turks (imagine Reno running with the Michael Palin role, Cardinal Fang as played by Elena, and Rude standing in the background trying hard not to shake his head and sigh).
Himself suggested the Dead Chocobo sketch, as performed by anyone from SOLDIER (the only people who'd be able to lift the carcass of a bird taller than they were and bang it on a counter).
The Ministry of Silly Swords (Sephiroth as Cleese, Cloud as Palin, stand well back).
Keep Sephiroth as Cleese and Cloud as Palin and try not to think of the Fish-Slapping Dance.

I share all of these because I've just purchased a franchise in brain bleach, and I need to boost my profits. Also, I've suffered for my it's your turn.

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