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I now have my flatscreen hooked up to the lappie, and a keyboard hooked up to it, and I can play all my games on the big screen and yays!

Excuse me while I find a few more walls to bounce off.

Of course, this does mean at least half of the kitchen table is now occupied by my computer stuff (laptop, keyboard, mouse, screen, assorted cabling, USB hub, portable drive) as well as the standard accoutrements of my presence (notebooks, scribble paper, pencils, erasers, tissue box, mug of tea etc). Good thing we're not planning any dinner parties in the immediate future. Himself is slightly less than gruntled by all of this, possibly because he doesn't want to be staring at the back of the flatscreen when he's eating his meals. Anyway, we're sort of thinking about possible options for what to do for desk space for me instead of using up the kitchen table.

The really silly thing is I *have* an office already. It's across the hall from my bedroom. The main problems with it as a location are as follows: it's hot in summer, cold in winter; it doesn't get much natural light (as opposed to the dining area, which has heaps of windows); the desk there is in the wrong spot (it faces the main wall, it's built-in, so I can't move it, and it means I have my back to the door, which I really dislike) and it's too far from the tea-making facilities.

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