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Leave me as I am, I'm only dreaming

One day, someone is going to come up with a way of recording dreams as they happen for later reference. When that occurs, I shall be a very happy bunny indeed, because I'll be able to get more of my dreams down than just bits like this (direct quote from my writing notebook follows):

Weird plotline from dreams. Can't remember all of it but elements included -

  • Person who has to keep their existence a secret

  • Characters trying to fit to scripted expectations but failing

  • Someone involved in the coverup becoming part of the effort to evade it

  • Person being hidden was female

  • One of the other characters was male, looked like too many of the seme characters from various yaoi manga (dark hair, serious disposition)

  • Person being hidden had some kind of paranormal abilities, appeared to be able to be present many times at same location.

I just wish I could have remembered more of that one. I know what fed into it, more or less - about a half dozen yaoi manga before bed, a day spent playing FF7, and reading two of Laurell K Hamilton's Merry Gentry books in the two or three days beforehand. Problem is, I have no idea how the hells they all got blended together in the back of my head to produce the above, and it annoys the hey hang on a minute out of me.

In other news, my brain has supplied me with about a dozen different scenarios for Fruits Basket sex writing. I have vague outlines for about four of them. I suspect at least one of them is writeable straight up. Watch either this space, or somewhere else.

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