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What I've been doing lately

Well, mostly I've been playing FFVII. I find myself kinda-sorta caught between "rush through the plot at high speed" and "slow down and complete everything" - on the one hand, I sort of know the plot, but I haven't actually seen it in detail for something like ten years. But then again, there's all the side quests, and the things which can only be obtained by using the correct type of chocobo, and all the rest of it. The problem is, I think I did a lot of my level grinding at the wrong end of things - I had Cloud at level 50 before we'd even reached Nibelheim the first time. From the look of things, the game is designed to have a lot of the level grinding done between the end of the first disc and the battle with the Diamond Weapon near Midgar, when the players have a good stock of materia to level up, and a decent assortment of weapons and armour to do it with. My habit of getting a lot of the grinding done early (because I'd rather be able to hit the monsters harder than rush through the plot) means I'm looking at a situation where it doesn't matter what it is I'm attacking, I'm getting piddly little amounts of experience and AP, and the materia aren't levelling up fast enough to suit me.

Yeah, bitch bitch bitch.

In other news, Himself isn't certain whether we'll be able to get finance for the house, so we may well wind up moving. Must remember to invite my brother's ex-wife over to visit the place while we still live here.

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