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Went to Supernova (Pop culture expo is how it was billed - what it actually wound up being was sort of a con without the hotels and such) on Sunday, and managed to get hold of the thirteen volumes of "Fruits Basket" I didn't already have. Saw lots of cosplayers (including two different Renos; two Tifas - one original game, one AC; a very good Naruto; and most of Organisation XIII - including Riku!) and enough black clothing to sink a small battleship, and had a lot of fun watching people come and go. Oh, and I managed to get hold of volume 2 of Saiyuki Reload (which I've been looking for for *months*) and himself got me the Fullmetal Alchemist movie. Plus I found the name of a new source for manga, which is always a good thing, given the size of the Australian market (or lack thereof).

(Must remember to update the various wishlists to reflect the new state of the collections).

Spent most of yesterday asleep - my iron levels have apparently been a bit low lately, and this combined with it being winter, and me having a very nice, comfy, cosy bed means it's sometimes difficult to prise myself out at anything approaching a reasonable hour. Today I was aiming for 8am, and managed 9am, which is still better than yesterday's approximately 5pm.

Hmmm... things I want to do today - well, I have to go and get a repeat on my medication filled, and I want to cook something for dinner (rather than having takeaway for the umpteenth time in a row). Probably hamburgers, done jaffle style - hamburger patty cooked up on the stove, along with bacon, onions, and egg, then drop the whole lot into the jaffle-maker, possibly with some beetroot, tomato sauce and pickled cucumber. Maybe even some sliced tomato, although at this time of the year there isn't much flavour in them - might go for semi-dried tomatoes instead. Yeah. That sounds good.

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Back July 1st, 2008 Forward