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Hi, my name is Meg and I'm a masochist

I should know better than to read unknown fanfic when I'm feeling off.

I should know better, because I know perfectly well that my responses to poor word choices are somewhat over the top at the best of times, and when I'm feeling tired, sore, grumpy and bitchy for reasons I can't articulate, it becomes even worse. Yet I persist in doing this to myself.

So, I'm slowly working my way through inappropriate paragraphing, incorrect word choices (how someone managed to muddle "assumed" and "amused" is somewhat beyond my comprehension at the moment), misspellings, poorly placed apostrophes, prose which verges from the palest lavender right the way through brightest heliotrope onward to dark aubergine and occasionally shrieking fuchsia, and all the other wonderful catastrophes of fanfiction which go to prove editors are a godsend, and that Sturgeon was an optimist. So far I haven't started yelling at the screen. But it's only a matter of time.


Current Mood: annoyed annoyed
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