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Solstice results

... aaand I piked out at about sunset (5pm-ish). Still, I managed over 24 hours awake, so I guess I did what I was aiming for in spirit, anyway. But yeah, at about 5pm, while I was playing FF12 (so I'd have something to keep the brain ticking over) I was getting messages from my body saying "hey, if the brain wants to stay awake, it's welcome to go for it, but we'm outa here" and messages from the brain saying "y'know, if the body's able to stay up any further, that's great, but I'm knackered". So I crawled off to bed and collapsed and didn't so much as budge for about 7 hours (woke up around midnight because my bladder was screaming at me).

Then I read for a bit (about 4 volumes of "Fruits Basket" worth) and fell asleep again until about half eleven this morning. I'm now wide awake and functional, and possibly back to a vaguely reasonable sleep cycle. Another pot of tea, and I should be firing on all cylinders, and able to figure out what I want to do with my day, such as it is.

Current Mood: hopeful hopeful
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