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The Period Piece

[Note to any blokes reading this: yes, I am going to be talking about menstruation. Live with it.]

So, my period has pretty much ended for another month or so. Yays. I'm getting back to what I think of as "normal". But I've noticed something.

I've known for years that in the run-up to my period, I become keener on doing housework. It's one of the reliable signs my period is arriving - along with swelling and tenderness in my tits (to the point where I have a couple of bras I literally cannot wear during this period because they're too small, and another pair which I tend to reserve for this time because otherwise they're a bit on the large side). I've never really questioned it - it's one of those things, and at least the house gets tidied.

This month, I figured out why.

During my period, I have a marked reluctance to do housework. Instead, my inner three-year-old comes out, and she sulks. So the discussions inside my head go something like this:

Me: How about we do some washing up.
Meg's Inner 3-Yr-Old: Don't wanna. (pouts and crosses arms)
Me: It won't take long.
MI3YO: Don't wanna. It's boring.
Me: It's two cups, a plate and a teaspoon. It won't take more than five minutes.
MI3YO: Not worth doing then.
Me: Come on.
MI3YO: No. Not gonna. It's 'Teeve's turn (Steve's turn).
Me: Does he know this?
MI3YO: He should.
Me: But does he? How about we ask him to wash up and we dry?
MI3YO: Not gonna. It's his turn and he should know.
Me: Are we going to tell him?
MI3YO: Not gonna. He should know.

So, the dishes don't get done. Fortunately, during these times, MI3YO doesn't want to cook, either, or the mess would be piling up sky-high. I'm lucky most days if I can get past her long enough to get the bed made. The laundry remains undone - there's a week's worth of dirty laundry to be sorted, and a couple of loads waiting to be put away waiting for my attention. The floor doesn't get swept, the benches don't get wiped down, and sometimes she sulks about things like getting dressed or doing my hair.

I'm lucky it's only for about four days, and that the house is generally pretty tidy beforehand. But today my period is over, and I'm looking about me at the mess, and thinking "okay, gotta do the dishes, sort the laundry, put a load through, bring in the stuff from the lines in the garage, find a break in the rain to bring in and spin the stuff on the outside lines (which has been hanging there about a week, and just got rained on again), sort out all the dry stuff into his and mine, put my stuff away, and sweep the kitchen floor, maybe mop it." I can hear the whine of the inner three-year-old when I put it like that, but really, it's not too much work.

Does anyone else out there have an inner three-year-old who takes over sometimes?

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