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I just got my nose rubbed in my privilege.

It happened here, more particularly with this sentence:

I was very struck by this piece; as I said in comments at the time, my partner and I censor ourselves all the time in public, particularly with affection and terms of endearment. It's become so ingrained in us that I don't think we even notice most of the time. Well, we're not huge on PDA in the first place, so it's not like this is a constant reminder of a heterosexist society, and it's not like it's a huge bother.

Just a passing paragraph, not even part of the main meat of the post, but it made me realise how damn privileged I am, as a female person who has a long-term relationship with a male person. My partner and I are very snuggly - even after ten years together. We hug and cuddle on a daily basis, we're smoochy, we touch one another a lot. And we can do all of that in public. We won't get people looking at us strangely for doing it. We won't be targeted for verbal abuse (or at least, nothing more serious than "get a room!"), we won't be physically abused, we won't be discriminated against if we do it in public and are recognised by our employers. We'll actually be regarded in a positive light, rather than a negative one.

This is heterosexual privilege. Someone who isn't in a heterosexual relationship doesn't have those privileges.

I can't help but feel thankful my sexual alignment lines up so politely with the majority one for our society. I just wish there was something I could do to make things easier for those people who aren't so privileged. Any suggestions? Anyone?

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