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There is nothing quite as wonderful as money

For one thing, it allows me to go on little shopping sprees, like the one I did today.

I decided to head on over to My Size over in Cannington (look, it's either there or Morley, and I know how to get to Cannington from where I am) having received a nice little note from them in the mail. They had an offer on long-sleeved t-shirts, of which I needed a few - buy one, get the second for half price. I had a gift voucher which would cover the cost of one of them, so I decided to head on over. That was all I was after, honest. Well, maybe that and a comb (my current comb is starting to lose teeth).

I left with the two tshirts (one teal green, one black), plus a couple of smock tops (one cobalt blue with sequins, one teal green). Then I went for a wander to have a look at what else was going on in the shopping centre (I used to work there, over twenty years and a major renovation of the centre ago... I like to have a look at it every now and then, see what's on offer) and spotted another shop which catered to the "sizes 16 - 24" bracket. "Hmmm..." I thinks to myself. "Maybe I should have a look in there and see what's on offer?" Instead, I wandered a bit further up the mall, toward Dymocks and Games World. I didn't buy anything at either of those stores, but I did stop in at the ABC shop, and picked up a few CDs, and a couple of books. I looked in at EzyDVD to see whether they had any of the anime I was interested in (they did, but they didn't have the first volume, so I decided to pass on the whole business).

There's a branch of my favourite gaming shop (Game Traders) in this shopping centre as well, so I stopped in there to see what was what, and picked myself up a copy of the "Kingdom Hearts 2" strategy guide. It didn't tell me anything new, but what the hey, it's nice enough from a "completeness" point of view that I'll keep hold of it.

At this point, my fiscal responsibility nerves started kicking at my brainstem, and I decided it was probably a good idea if I headed back to the car, so I didn't spend any more money. But this required me to wander past the new clothing shop, so I had a look in there. Three three-quarter sleeve tshirts later (one emerald green, one black, one fuchsia), I wandered back out, and headed back toward the car, stopping only long enough to pick up a new comb and some emery boards at a chemist.

On top of all that, I've been receiving a bit of stuff via mail order lately. There were the Sims 2 expansion packs I picked up from Games Warehouse, the bits and pieces I ordered from Adultshop which arrived over the past few days, and today I got the final bit I was waiting for, namely the second volume of the "Loveless" manga, ordered from Madman online. I figure that lot should hold me for at least a week or two before I start feeling the need to go out shopping again.

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