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I need to get a grip

I installed the Sims 2 on my ickle laptop. It works beautifully. However, this has led to me spending most of the past four or five days concentrating on it rather obsessively. End result is today my gut is bitching at me (my stomach is busy questioning whether I've accidentally slit my throat at some time in the past week), I'm tired and twitchy, and I've been dreaming the Sims 2 at night. Time to take a break, I think.

Actually, I really need to take a break from games entirely. My neck is stiff, my right shoulder is losing flexibility, and I'm so far behind on the housework I couldn't see completion with a large telescope. I'm also wittering on the brink of another depressive spell, I think - I can sort of feel it around the edges, trying to grab hold of me. Yay.

Time to go through my list of "fanfic I enjoy reading" and read for a bit. This may just blow off the worst of the "bleah" I'm feeling at the mo.

Current Mood: strained strained
Current Music: The various Sims 2 themes in my head
Oh, and another thing...

Does anyone have a spare AA gun I could borrow? There appears to be something happening at the Swanbourne barracks which requires every single bloody helicopter in their fleet to make multiple journeys over our house, and they've been doing it all bloody day now.

And there goes another....

Current Mood: annoyed annoyed
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