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As some of you may well know, Himself stuffed up in a major way last week, when he attempted to flash update the BIOS of our wireless hub/access point. There are apparently multiple versions of the BIOS, each adapted to the particular country of issue and the various legal/regulatory frameworks around wireless networking in each of them. This is apparently noted on just about every single page of the website of the company which issues them, save for one. The page which doesn't have this on is the Download Your BIOS Update Here!!! page on the US website.

It appears the differences between the Australian and the USAlien systems are such as to be capable of completely frying a reasonably robust piece of technology. I've been off the 'net for about nine days now.

In the meantime, I've got a fair old way through Persona 3 (and managed to creep out a friend by describing it), relit three crystals in Final Fantasy (on the PSP), received my laptop back from the manufacturers (data intact; now all I have to do is reconcile the different versions of Steele again... *sigh*) and installed the Sims on the laptop. We received the new WAP today, and I'm now going through nine days worth of email and removing the spam. Yays.

So, how've things been for everyone else?

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Back May 2nd, 2008 Forward