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Minor wibble and welcome back IJ.

Yay! IJ is back. Congratulations to Squeaky on managing to get his web-hosting people to do what he wanted rather than what they fancied. Of course, for the past two or three days, I've been wanting to post something chronic, and of course, I couldn't. Today, when I can post, my brain is busy saying "Wha? You want me to do what? Yer kiddin', right?"

I will say this much - Twitter is a wonderful thing, particularly when you have someone like Squeaky using it to keep up-to-date about outages and similar.

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Steele, Part 5 of ?

Fandom: Final Fantasy VII (approx 10 years pre-game)
Title: Steele (part 5 of ?)
Rating: Worksafe
Warnings: Shinra's biological research section is mentioned. This may trigger flashbacks for some people, or for their head-casts.
Summary:Steele is being cautious, and Reno is being precocious.

Steele, Part 5 of ? )

All feedback is good feedback. What worked, what didn't, are there points which need clarification, and if so which ones?

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