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Early thoughts on FFVII: Crisis Core

Okay, got myself a nice new shiny memory stick for the PSP yesterday, and I've been playing CC ever since.

So far, Zack's just met Aerith, beaten up Bahamut:Fury, and is about 17% of the way through all the missions. He's also level 23, which appears to be somewhat over-specced for the job he's doing. Not that I'm complaining, of course, since I prefer to have the characters waaaay too strong for the monsters they're up against, purely because I'm a lazy bitch who doesn't like being deaded all the time.

I've also been keeping notes. Here's the ones I've taken so far.

  • I believe the phrase for this game is something along the lines of "Zack, you dork!" - the main character is definitely believable as a sixteen through eighteen year old boy (for the main part of the game).

  • The only character more dorky than Zack is Yuffie - but that's excusable as she's only nine.

  • Love the information about the pay differential between Turk and SOLDIER. I also love Zack's expression when he discovers the Turks get paid more.

  • Comparing this game to DoC, Zack does much better against the training/sentry robots than Vincent does. Swords definitely beat guns when it comes to little bastards of machinery who come right up to you and shock you in the middle of things.

  • "Zero attention span, restless as a little puppy..." - "Thanks Angeal". The strange noise Mrs Hewley can hear in the background is the sound of Zack's masculinity shriveling up and dying.

  • Tseng: " I understand now why Sephiroth chose you." (unspoken: you're the only person in SOLDIER with either enough naivete, enough optimism, or enough sheer dumb stupidity to handle the job).

  • There are signs of Zack's being regarded as an equal (or at least potential equal) to Sephiroth even as early as the second summons battle. Either that or Genesis is feeling rather vicious when he sets Bahamut on Zack.

  • Notes for the Nesa-verse - SOLDIER training and lounge facilities are on the 49th floor, while the Director's office is about four floors higher, on level 53. (Possibly the SOLDIER barracks are on the intervening floors?)

  • Genesis wants the glory of being a hero, without necessarily understanding why he wants it. Sephiroth has been made into a hero, but it's something he never really wanted in the first place.

  • It appears the gnomic nature of Genesis' musings is something which points to his increased degradation, although I rather doubt he's going to be willing to admit this.

  • Yuffie at age nine is a brat. A precocious brat, but a brat none the less.

My partner has decided he quite likes the PSP, because I don't shrug him away when he comes and cuddles me while I'm playing it (he doesn't get in the way of my arms and elbows) and it keeps me in the one spot long enough for him to be able to give me smooches. I have no objections to this. I also now have a second game to play when I finally get fed up with CC - I bought Myst at Hardly Normal (Harvey Normans) yesterday, along with a nice little carry case set, and a bundle of other bits and pieces.

So now I'm off to continue playing, and see whether I can get to that blasted beach scene some time today.

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