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Things wot I have done today

So far today (having woken up at about five minutes to midday) I have:

  • Washed a load of dishes

  • Made my bed

  • Brought in three loads of washing

  • Sorted a week's worth of dirty washing

  • Put on a load of washing to go through the machine

  • Showered

  • Got dressed

  • Read through my friends list for the day (people were busy yesterday, it seems)

Now all I have to do is convince myself to cook myself some dinner (rather than having two-minute noodles for the third day in a row, because I'm feeling too damn lazy to either cook something reasonable, or order in takeout). Oh, and take my medication. Gotta remember to do that.

I've also figured out what I'm going to be using the treasure I earn through Chore Wars to do - if only for the fun of it. By earning myself ten thousand gold pieces, I get to purchase a book from one of my wishlists. Five of any one item is a hundred dollars to spend on clothing. Five assorted potions means fifty dollars to spend on DVDs (from my wishlists again). Five assorted scrolls is fifty dollars to spend on music (again, wishlists). This should make it possible for me to stick to my nefarious plan of getting myself a housework habit. Honest.

If a little world domination is mixed in there... well, I figure everyone has to have a hobby.

Current Mood: hopeful hopeful
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