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Back to the grind

For the first time in months (well, the first time since August last year) I've been looking at Chore Wars. Realising just how damn long it's been since I actually tracked what I was doing by way of housework this way (I had a brief period of tracking things via the Palm, but it died the death often associated with such efforts) I've decided to pick it up again, in the hope of being able to establish the housework habit. And this time it's going to work, really!

As you may have gathered from that last comment, my attempts at getting serious about housework are rather like my mother's attempts at giving up smoking - they work for a while, then something happens, and before I know it the house is starting to look as though a bomb hit it (Mum's been smoking for the majority of the last thirty-seven years, and indeed the majority of her life at this point). At least trying to get a housework habit is better for my mental (not to mention physical) health than dieting was. If I clean regularly, the house looks a bit better (although I then start to behave very carefully in order to avoid having to clean anything again, because I loathe the physical work involved with housework - it's long, dull, uninspiring and repetitive) and I feel a bit more positive about living in the place, no matter what the season.

Oh, and the seasonal details are important here. It's autumn here in Western Australia (has been all month, in fact) and we're just having our first real autumn day - dull grey, and raining for the most part. The part of my head which tends to want to hibernate once the temperature drops below 22C is busy poking itself up and mumbling things about soup, hot food, hot drinks and switching on the heater; the bit of me which gets a bit seasonally-affected on the depression side is busy muttering dire imprecations about what will happen if the weather continues to be grey for the next five months (it won't, but this bit of my head is comparable to a rather cynical and annoyed three year old - anything which changes now is changed forever, and oh isn't it terrible).

So, anyway - I went over to Chore Wars, and cleared out the list of chores (retired a whole heap of the more esoteric ones I'd added in back last year, tweaked treasures and such, added in a quest to clean the kitchen etc) and did a bit of housekeeping as well. So I've done something today, at least.

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Current Music: "From Little Things Big Things Grow" - Paul Kelly
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