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Further cursing, swearing and mumbling...

Okay,at least this time it's related to the Playstation rather than the various computers around the place...

So, for the last week or so, I've been working away at FFVII, hoping to actually get past the great glacier (where I died the last time I was playing it). I've developed a bit of a strategy for levelling up, which involves doing what are called "bog laps" in Australia (see [1] for the etymology of the phrase) of whichever bit of territory I happen to be exploring this particular time - the magic number for the inside of my head is five times around wherever then on to the next plot point.

I'd reached Wutai, Yuffie had stolen the materia (how nice - mind you, this was after I'd visited the Temple of the Ancients, so she left me quite a bit as well) and we were off chasing her, and I'd finally reached the chunk of Wutai where the city is located. I was on lap four of the continent when all of a sudden disaster strikes. I was running past the end of the final bridge when my sprite got himself tangled up in the ropes, and couldn't move. Trust me, I tried everything I could to get him out. Now, normally, I'd just sigh, save and restart, but there's a slight problem with following that particular routine in this case. As regular readers will know, I have a small problem with saving PS1 games on the PS2 I own, since it insists on there being a genuine SONY save card in the slot before it will save properly, and I don't own one. So I can't save.

I wound up turning the playstation off anyway. But I'm really annoyed, since I'd managed to get at least two of the characters past level 50, I'd collected all Cloud's standard limit breaks, and I was just about to complete the collection with Barret and Tifa (not to mention having got Vincent to the point where he was calling up Death Gigas rather than Galian Beast). *sigh*

Ah well, back to the drawing board. Again.

[1] "Bog laps" are circuits of an area, usually performed by a car filled with young males, through areas where there's going to be a large population of young women, such as a downtown area near a nightclub, or a cafe strip. The "bog" part of it comes from the common nickname for the type of person who's likely to do such a thing - "bogans". "Bogan", when translated back into non-contextual English, means young people from the less aspirational end of the working class continuum, and they're generally recognisable through dress and hairstyle - flannelette shirts, ugg boots, mullet haircuts, and desert boots are common, no matter what the current fashion is for.

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