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So. Brand new laptop. Lovely little thing. Unfortunate habit of bluescreening multiple times per day for a number of different reasons (RAM issues, driver issues, IRQL less than equal, etc etc). So on Saturday, it decided to die horribly, and now won't boot at all. Hence the subject line.

Thanks be to all the gods for the warranty. Now all I have to do is dig out the name of the nearest Acer repair shop and take the bastard in to be fixed. Hopefully they'll be able to pull all the data *off* the hard drive before they reformat and reinstall the lot, otherwise I'll be more than a little irritated. For one thing, there's a whole heap of work I've done on "Steele" in the past couple of weeks which will be lost if they don't, and I hate having to try and recreate things.

Either way, the latest installment of "Steele" isn't going to be up until I either get the existing version retrieved, or rewrite all the new material. My apologies to those people who were reading it.

Thank gods I didn't get all carried away and delete everything off the Peecee and the old lapdog. Paranoia can sometimes be very helpful.

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Current Music: "Incident on South Dowling" - Paul Kelly and the Coloured Girls
Back March 24th, 2008 Forward