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Yayz! New toy!

Today I received my new laptop. It's a little Acer jobbie - Acer 6292 to be precise. So most of the day has been spent copying my music files over from the PC, as well as installing software (I can't stand IE, so it has to be Firefox as a browser; I'm also planning to remove the copies of MS Office Acer gave me as freebies and replace them with OpenOffice 2.whatever it is), updating Windows XP (I refuse to pay MS to beta-test their software) and getting all the little Firefox extensions I know and love installed all over the place.

My plan is to make this laptop into my main "working" computer - it'll be the one I browse the internet through, and the one I use to do all the various bits of writing that I have somewhere in their various stages of incompleteness. The PC I use for those things at present is going to be retired to the job of "games box", and my old laptop (which is only specced for Win98, and struggles a fair bit even then) is going to be retired to the job of "recipe database" or something similar. So I figure I'm going to be rather busy for the next few days, consolidating a mixture of documents spread over two computers and one USB key until things are all sorted. Then I'll get to and delete things from here and there, buy myself a box of burnable CDs or DVDs, make some backups, and see how things go.

In other news, I've been playing FFVIII for the last few days - I got all the way into disk 2 of 4 last night, then promptly died. I really do have to look into acquiring a PS1 memory card for the PS2, so I can play these old PS1 games without having to restart the minute I get killed. One thing which I have noticed in FF8 is Squeenix really worked hard on getting the body language right for the characters - Squall in particular appears to have a very nice line in "I should've stayed in bed" attitudes when things are starting to go entirely too crackers or too emotional for his liking (ie even vaguely emotional, and slightly insane). I'm sure I shouldn't be sympathising with him to the degree I do when he does his little "for this I gave up a chance of being a fisherman?" moves.

Anyway, back to the fun of installing things and updating things, and copying files from here to eternity. Or rather from Charlie (the PC) and Miss Bill (the old laptop) to Junior (the new laptop).

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