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I think it must be something in the water.

I have been blessed with the arrival of a plotbunny. It is currently eyeing my ankles expectantly.

It involves a crossover between KH2 (post-game) and Saiyuki. My brain went "what would happen if Sora and Goku met up?" Then Riku and Sanzo peeked in, winced and shuddered, and tried to restrain the enthusiasm explosion. Meanwhile, Hakkai looked up from where he was playing cards with Gojyo, and noticed Kairi watching and trying not to laugh. Now I just have to persuade myself not to throw in Koujaigi and his gang for the extra gits and shiggles.

I wonder, would anyone out there like a nice, friendly, KH2/Saiyuki plotbunny?

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Back March 5th, 2008 Forward