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And on with the motley...

The refinancing for the house having nearly come through (we're waiting for a cheque to clear, which should happen around about Wednesday) Himself and Myself went out shopping today as a form of celebration. First we went to White Dwarf books, and I picked up the first two Harper Connely books by Charlaine Harris (yeah, they're okay, although the heroine does have a touch of the standard Mary Sue traumatic past, which makes me a bit antsy - just once I'd like to see someone perfectly normal wind up with supernatural powers, and see how they coped with it all). Then it was on to Game Traders (a new PS1 memory card, and a copy of FFVIII later, I escaped without spending every penny I owned! The people who run the Game Traders in Perth's Carillion Arcade are Final Fantasy fans, and they have whole heaps of the merchandise). Then we ambled over to Borders, where I picked up a copy of the Book of Vile Darkness (D&D rulebooks - I already had the Book of Exalted Deeds, so I figured I should get both sides of the argument represented), as well as books 1, 2 and 4 of the Sayuki manga (English translation - at some stage I may well start learning Japanese, if I maintain this level of interest in Japanese popular cultural creations, but right now, I'm strictly monolingual).

We went for lunch to the Pancake house at the Carillion, and bumped into my brother and his eldest daughter, who were out shopping as well. Then on to the ABC shop (Himself got the third season of the New Dr Who, I got the Key To Time boxed set) where we bumped into my brother and my niece again. Then back home.

Of course, once I got home, I just had to try out the PS1 memory card with FFVII. Well, it looked like it saved... up to a point. However, having saved at the first save point, when I got to the second save point, I discovered the first file had gone walkies. A quick test revealed that the blasted thing would look as though it was saving, bring up the "I've successfully saved your file, ain't I clever" display on the save page, and then immediately drop all of the information into the bit bucket the minute I clicked away from the page. Once again, my PS2 is complaining about a possible hardware mismatch with a non-Sony memory card. *MUMBLE*

D&D tomorrow, and I should be heading off to bed about nowish, except the weather is all hot and humid and yuck. Times like these, I wish my pedestal fan was still working. Unfortunately, it died a horrible death sometime between last summer and this one, which means I'm dependent on either the breeze or my little hand-held wood and cloth fan to provide air circulation and cooling. I shall have to mop myself down with a damp cloth before going to bed, and hope the evaporation provides a bit more cooling.

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