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The Joys of Distraction

(aka Where Meg's Been The Past Few Days)

On Saturday I went into town. Nothing unusual there, except for the bit where I actually moved out of the house. I was going to meet up with some folks for a D&D planning session. This required me to move from the train station to the far end of London Court. There were a number of ways I could get there, and I chose to walk through the Carillion arcade at the Hay Street Level.

This was a bad move. The Hay Street level of Carillion arcade contains two shops which I have a great deal of difficulty just passing, much less refraining from spending money in. So, I bought myself four new books at White Dwarf bookshop (specialty science-fiction and fantasy bookshop, very nice to visit) - two of Charlaine Harris's "Sookie Stackhouse" novels, a new one by Kim Harrison ("For A Few Demons More") and "Circle of the Moon" by Barbara Hambly. Then I went on, and got distracted by Game Traders.

They had a copy of Final Fantasy VII ($149 well spent, thinks I...). So I bought it.

I discovered when I got it home that there were a few small problems. The first of these was that FFVII, being a PS1 game, didn't recognise the PS2 save cards as being valid (or even existing). So I couldn't save. Uggerbay. No worries, thinks I, I'll just leave the PS2 switched on and turn off the telly when I get tired enough. So I did that. There was a small issue with the controls being the wrong way around (to my mind, anyway - they were using the circle button as the default for "do this" and the cross as "cancel", while most of the games I've been playing have them the other way round), but that was fixed up by reconfiguring things through the menus.

No, what I got hit by was the standard problem I have with Squeenix games: there's no "natural" stop point. By which I mean there's no spot where you can say "okay, finished that chapter, time to have a break". Instead, everything just flows nice and seamlessly into the next phase, and before you know it you're up to your ears in plot, and you can't put the blasted game down. In many ways, it's a good thing. In many other ways, it isn't. Given I'm going to be hosting a D&D session on Sunday, I need to be able to concentrate on that, rather than being constantly distracted by the PS2.

There's also that whole "I can't save" thing, which means as far as I'm concerned, dead is dead, restart from the beginning. So far, I've blown up reactors 1 and 5 about five times each, and the farthest into the game I've gotten was when Barret lost his death-match against Dyne (knew I should have stopped and had a Hi-Potion, rather than rushing in with that limit). So, until I get myself down to Electronics Boutique or somewhere similar, I'm going to be leaving FFVII in its box. Really. Honest.

Well... maybe a little on Sunday night...

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