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Back from Esperance

Well, I'm back, and I've discovered one after-effect of travelling by car all blinkin' day is that while I'm sitting here on my office chair, I'm feeling dizzy, because the floor *isn't* moving under me. Yayz. So, let's see, what did I do?

* Dodged suicidal bobtails all the way down to Esperance.
* Re-learned that Himself and Myself sleep better if we don't share either a bed or a bedroom.
* Attended my grandmother's funeral.
* Showed Himself a couple of the beaches I loved when I was growing up.
* Picked up the first season of "Heroes" on DVD (and watched the lot).
* Largely dodged the rellies.

Pretty pleasant time, all in all. The caravan park chalets we stayed in were very nice, Esperance is a very pretty place, and we'll probably head down there again. The funeral was a funeral - mournful, a bit chaotic, and since it was a Christadelphian funeral, it was also dominated by a fifteen minute sermon about the nature of Christadelphian belief, complete with numerous quotes from the bible. Since this was in the full sunlight, on a 30 degree day (30C) to an audience of people largely wearing dark colours, it probably didn't go down as well as expected. There was a very strong element of "damnit, get it over with!" about the listening.

I brought home a cup, plate and saucer set in my grandmother's favourite china pattern: Royal Albert "Old Country Roses". For those who haven't seen this particular pattern, it's alternating deep pinkish-red and orangey-yellow cabbage roses, with a gold rim around the edge of the cup/plate/saucer/whatever. The general family opinion is that it's hideous (and I have to agree with them) but the pattern is also known in the immediate family as "Nanna's Horrible Roses", and I figured it would be a good thing to have to remember her by.

Tonight's plans are, in order: collapse; sleep. I may fit in eating there somewhere, but I doubt it.

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