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Fic Series: Murphy's Laws of Combat

Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Title: Murphy's Laws of Combat: 12 - Those who hesitate under fire usually do not end up KIA or WIA.
Rating: PG - offscreen violence
Summary: "Dodge 'em, Fair, don't catch 'em."
Warnings: Live Fire Zone.

"You still haven't learned," the medic grumped, as he probed for the bullet in the kid's shoulder. "Dodge 'em, Fair, don't catch 'em." There was a gasp and a grunt from the younger man. "Thought I told you this before."

"Yeah, sarge," Fair responded, sounding just a little strained.

"So what happened this time?" the sergeant asked, as he withdrew the distorted slug. At least Fair knew where the wretched thing went in, since the skin had closed up over it before he'd got to the medic point. Looked as though the kid's muscles had flattened the bullet out, which was a bit unusual, even for a SOLDIER. Kid was definitely gonna make First Class, if he lived long enough.

"Zigged when I should've zagged," the SOLDIER said, with a weak version of his usual grin. "If I'd've stood still, he would've missed me."


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