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Fic Series: Murphy's Laws of Combat

Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Title: Murphy's Laws of Combat: 9 - Tracers work both ways.
Rating: Australian PG - language.
Warnings: Zack, bullets
Summary: There's such a thing as a hideout which is too good.

The hollow where the squad was hiding wasn't particularly large. It was deep, however, and it had the advantage of being within view of their pickup point as well as keeping them out of the line of fire. It hid them from enemy eyes, and meant they had a better chance of being picked up alive.

Or at least, they'd have a better chance of being picked up alive if the blasted thing wasn't also hiding them from the chopper which was supposed to be doing pickup on them.

"Shit, that's the third time he's gone over without stopping," Murphy bitched.

"He can't see us," the sergeant said, keeping a keen eye on the enemy troopers who were starting to search the bushes. "Doesn't know we're here."

"I can fix that," piped up an enthusiastic voice. Before anyone could do anything, or ask how this was going to be done, a flare went flying out of the hollow, landing with pinpoint precision on the rendezvouz point. Almost immediately, bullets started flying again.

"Fair, you fuckwit," the sergeant cursed, "you just gave away our position!"

"Whoops," said Zack, intercepting bullets with his sword. "Hey, at least you can see 'em to shoot 'em now."


(Note to self: must add Zack icon.)

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